If you’d like to contact me personally, please fill in the information below.  In the comments section, let me know if you’d like to be added to my email list.  Thanks!


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    • Nathan,
      Thanks for the inquiry. All work is wheel thrown and altered porcelain. I use a series of engobes, underglazes and glazes to achieve the decorative portion and drench the remainder of the form in a single glaze that breaks and pools. All work in fired to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  1. hello, im an art student at a PA college. we are doing a project in my ceramics 2 class called Master Copy and interpretation. i love your gray bowl with the orange glaze underneath and flowers. was wondering if you minded telling me your techniques how you got the layering affect and what your glaze recipes are. we have to use the same glaze color and techniques in the master copy part.

    • Hi Amber! Thanks for the inquiry. So, the gray bowl. I started by throwing and trimming the bowl, Then, I painted on a flashing slip into a cloud like pattern, then incised a line around the painted slip. Then I bisque fired. Next, I painted flowers with an iron stain on top of the flashing slip, then slip trailed some stylized chrysanthemums in a light blue glaze. Once all the decoration was complete on top of the flashing slip, I protected it from the gray glaze by brushing wax resist over the top. Finally, I dipped the bowl in a gray glaze. Then, I fired it in a salt kiln with 3 lbs of salt.

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