Collaborations: Amy Smith and Simon Levin

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Amy Smith and Simon Levin about their collaborative work.  With their exhibition at AKAR opening tomorrow (click here to link to the exhibition page), I thought it was the perfect time to showcase a sampling of their  pieces.

Simon Levin & Amy SmithThe dialogue that happens within the work is quiet, poetic, rich and subtle.  Even though each piece is stunning when separate, the work reaches its full potential when it interacts with its counterpart.  This beauty (pictured to the left) features a series of white decorative marks on the base that reflect in the glassy surface of the cup above.

I asked Amy to reflect on her experience working with Simon:

The collaborative process between Simon and me is all about response. We agreed to the challenge of making work that is inherently connected, though contrasting.  We established ground rules early:  each would respond to finished work and neither artist would attempt to suggest direction to the other. The conversation that has ensued is unique. We are making paired objects that we hope will result in a whole greater than the individual parts.

S & AOne thing I never saw coming however was the sheer delight of purposelessness . “Play” is described as having no purpose. But “play” is what I enjoy the most in this collaboration, I get to try something new with a relaxed ease and a sense of spontaneity! 

Amy and Simon have partnered on this project for a couple of years, and their efforts have been presented in numerous exhibitions across the country including Strictly Functional Pottery National (2012), Santa Fe Clay’s La Mesa (NCECA Conference 2013), and a solo exhibition titled  “Emulsion” at the Eisentrager-Howard Art Gallery in collaborative workLincoln, Nebraska.  They also published an article about their work in Ceramics Monthly titled “Paired Views”.

Look for Simon Levin’s Potter of the Month interview dropping later this month where he talks about the collaborative process.


For more info about Amy and Simon and their work, please visit their websites:

Simon Levin & Amy Smith-2pairing


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