Objective Clay: Online Artist Collective

Objective Clay is an artist operated collective that I am happy to be a part of.  It was founded by fourteen artists during last fall’s Utilitarian Clay Symposium at Arrowmont School for Arts and Crafts.  As potters that live and work in various parts of the country, our goal is to use the internet to create a collective space that will function as both a gallery and a window into our current thoughts and processes.  By sharing our ideas and opening our studios, we invite artists, non-artists, educators and students to actively engage in our practices.  In this virtual “workshop”, the people who love pots can view/purchase new work and form direct relationships with the artists who make them.

Here’s a glimpse of the artists that make up objective clay:


top row: Doug Peltzman, Sunshine Cobb, Deb Schwartzkopf, Jennifer Allen, Kip O’Krongly, Bryan Hopkins, Brian R. Jones.
bottom row: Blair Clemo, Lindsay Oesterritter, Monica Ripley, Emily Schroeder-Willis, Gwendolyn Yoppolo, Nick Bivins and Shawn Spangler

This Thursday, we will kick off the shop portion of our website with 10% of the proceeds from the first week of sales going to Arrowmont’s Bill Griffith Art Educator’s Fellowship.  Please visit our site and help support both quality handmade wares and a meaningful cause!



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